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Curious about the latest trends in creator marketing? We've gathered our recent collaborations with industry members to offer in-depth insights, inspiration, and advice on leveraging this rapidly growing channel

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We’re living in an age of content creators. Go to any social media feed and you’ll find individuals who have carved out distinct identities, created a wealth of relatable content and built up communities of loyal followers. Widely referred to as influencers, these creators act as tastemakers, influencing customer preferences and steering purchase decisions through their curated content. They know how to genuinely connect with their audiences - particularly among Millennials and Gen Z - and are valuable partners for brands, with creator marketing a key part of many media plans.

However, executing a successful creator marketing strategy is not as simple as hopping on your socials and hailing down the next available influencer. It demands identifying the right creators, crafting compelling campaigns and effectively measuring engagements. Here, we bring together resources from our Creator Marketing Group to guide and grow an effective creator marketing strategy.



Guide to Creator Marketing

Whether you are an experienced marketer or a relative newcomer, our latest guide is your VIP pass to the world of creator marketing. Explore now to decode jargon and equip yourself with the best practices and actionable insights you need to activate effective campaigns.

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Guide to paid social formats

Discover the essential ad formats and best practices across popular social media platforms for effective creator marketing

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How is creator content building advertisers’ trust?

Trust between advertisers and consumers is the bedrock of effective advertising, not least when it comes to creator content

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Last Thursday Club, creator marketing

Agata Narkowicz of Publicis Media, Michelle Capp of Meta, and Zoe Mitchell of Buttermilk discuss the shift from 'influencer' to 'creator' marketing

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Rediscover the joy of digital advertising

Champion connections instead of clicks. Capture audiences' imaginations, not just their attention. Boldly move to your own beat instead of letting tech set the pace. It’s time to rediscover the joy of digital.